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The world of academia is delightful and weird and sometimes a little lonely, especially if you're only peripherially involved. Want some support? Join. Talk to us. We'll be the friends that move with you when your partner gets a tenure track job two thousand miles from where you're living and you find yourself saying, "But I don't know anybody there!" "I'm going to really miss my Mom," or "What do you mean, the nearest IKEA is two hours from there?"

Just some general rules: play nice, stay on topic, etc.

Please put large photos or longer posts behind an lj-cut.

After joining, please post an intro survey:

Partner's Name:
School or location:
What do you do for a living?
What's your partner's area of study?
Is he/she tenure-track yet, or is a big, annoying move in the future?
How long have you been together?
Do you have any children yet? Pets?
What do you like best about being with a professor?
What don't you like about being with a professor?