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Interview Humor

I thought some of us could relate to this...



it's application season again.

every year i get better at dealing with it, but every year i think i hate it more.

community promotion

I'd love to see a few more members here, so perhaps we could promote the community a bit (in non-invasive, non-obnoxious ways, of course, and acquiring permission when needed) in some academic-related communities? I may not have a ton of time online today so I'd appreciate any help I could get in this...
Today is my first social function at Vanderbilt. I went to several events with Jim at UIUC and they all went well, so I expect this will too, but I'm still a little bit nervous. I don't know why. I LIKE meeting new people, and if it's anything like the UIUC functions, they're just going to stand around talking about work anyway. :)

Because I'm not working right now (job starts July 9), I feel like all I have to talk about is wine and cooking. Fortunately, I met another Vandy library person on LJ, so there will be at least one other person I know there.

It's just a little departmental picnic. I plan to have a good time, at least once I get parking sorted out and a couple of people try my cookies. :)


Jim and I found a lovely apartment in West Nashville. I am so excited to finally get the two of us (and all of our CDs and books) into the same city- the same house even!

I guess technically I'll have to leave this group once we move. He is giving up his professorship to be staff at Vanderbilt. :)

No school!

It's snowing so much here in Indiana that my husband's university has actually canceled classes. Unheard of! Do your partners' schools ever cancel for anything? My college didn't, and neither did my hometown's school system. When schools cancel for snow, even though it's usually a very good idea, I'm always surprised since my hometown NEVER canceled for snow itself-- once for a horrible ice storm and a couple of times for subzero weather, but never for snow. I guess when you grow up in a lake effect snow area, school would never be open if they canceled for snow!

Also, as long as I'm posting here, my hubby had an interview at Bowling Green (Ohio) Friday and it sounds pretty promising. Yay! This is a pretty small relocation if it works out and is still within driving distance of both sets of parents. How are all your job prospects going? Any thoughts on the Toledo area and where we should live if he gets it? We're finally going to buy a house this time around.


I got my husband this shirt for Valentines Day! He loves it. :)

Also, is anyone on there in the Nashville area? Jim and I are moving there in May, when he takes a position at Vandy.

Intro Survey

Name: Rosepurr (I do not use my real name on LJ)

Partner's Name: Jim

School or location: currently the University of IL, but we are moving to Nashville, Tennesee to Vandy in May

What do you do for a living? I am a student at the University of Louisville, and will graduate in May with a degree in Accounting, my husband and I do not live together- YET!!

What's your partner's area of study? Legal Writing

Is he/she tenure-track yet, or is a big, annoying move in the future? He is tenure track, but we're still moving. :) We're excited to be able to live together!

How long have you been together? Three years. We've been married 6 months.

Do you have any children yet? Pets? No kids. We don't plan on ever having kids. We plan on getting two cats after we move.

What do you like best about being with a professor? He's smart. He shares my values, and his decision to get involved in academia stems from those values. He can hold a conversation on all manner of topics, and he looks very sexy in tweed!! :)

What don't you like about being with a professor? His job choices limit where we can live since we need to live in a city with a law school and that limits some of my career choices. People are always trying to ask him legal questions (I suppose this would be true for a lawyer too) and sometimes engage him in arguments about his field. This annoys us both.

Intro survey

Name: Heather

Partner's Name: Scott

School or location: University of Alabama

What do you do for a living? Ph.D. student in Educational Psychology, and I'm an administrative assistant for an educational program on campus

What's your partner's area of study? Legal Writing

Is he/she tenure-track yet, or is a big, annoying move in the future? We will be moving in the next 3 or 4 years for sure, as his contract runs out and I'll be done (I hope) with my Ph.D. and will be taking a job elsewhere.

How long have you been together? almost 2 years. We're getting married in a little less than 5 months.

Do you have any children yet? Pets? No kids for now (I need to get that tenure track position) , but we do have two cats and a dog, Brubeck.

What do you like best about being with a professor? The opportunity to network w/ other people in academia and know that most of your partner's friends will be relatively intelligent and interesting people. I also like the fact that I am with somebody who values education and learning as much as I do, as being with somebody who doesn't support your ambitions can be really stressful.

What don't you like about being with a professor? When he's grading, he's not exactly fun to be around. Also our schedules are different because the law school schedule differs from the grad school's, so when I'm up to my ass in work, he's coasting.

Intro survey

Name: Jen

Partner's Name: Steve

School or location: Indianapolis area

What do you do for a living? Copy-edit real estate ads. Don't ask. I'm supposed to be a journalist.

What's your partner's area of study? Organic chemistry.

Is he/she tenure-track yet, or is a big, annoying move in the future? While he's had his Ph.D. for some time, he is doing contract work right now. This is partially because he almost did a career change to be a journalist. I met him when he was getting his MA in journalism... journalism pays less than teaching though, so he's currently looking for either a long-term contract or something tenure-track at a small school that doesn't require huge amounts of research. Sadly, he doesn't really like lab work, funny given his field of study.

How long have you been together? 3 years. Married for 9 months.

Do you have any children yet? Pets? No kids YET (probably soon. like really soon.). We have a 3 year old Australian shepherd named Lumpy.

What do you like best about being with a professor? Going to faculty events and being treated as if I'm on the same level as all those old people. Just last year I was working on my master's degree in another field, so it's weird to go from student to professor's peer!

What don't you like about being with a professor? I don't like not having a choice in where we end up next. The future is all up in the air right now. And we won't find out until who knows when where we will be in September. I worry we'll be out of luck and in a tough position, but he is very confident that he will find something. Not knowing WHERE the something is really bothers me. And don't get me started on how surprisingly low the salary is (though since we still live like students, we do really well).


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